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Environmental Science past paper 2020 CSS

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  • Environmental Science past paper 2020 CSS

    Q : (a) Write the main principles of Rio Summit 1992. (10)

    (b) Discuss the dose response relationship in Environmental Texiology. (10)

    Q : Write the physics chemical parameters of waste water and also explain waste water treatment technologies. (10)

    (b) Discuss the main outcomes of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). (10)

    Q : Discuss in detail the Hospital waste management codes of practice. (10)

    (b) Enlist the conventions and treaties passed in Agenda 21. (10)

    Q : Define and explain the Eutrophication of water body. (10)

    (b) What are Technological approaches to Environmental management? (10)

    Q : What are the main steps of conduction of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)? (10)

    (b) Discuss briefly noise pollution. (10)

    Q : What is green revolution? Give a brief account of green revolution in Pakistan. (10)

    (b) Define Environmental Economics and explain briefly the inter-relationship between Environment and Economics. (10)

    Q : Discuss the solid waste disposal technique. (10)

    (b) Write in detail the effect of climate change on natural and societal systems. (10)