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    Earlier this week, an accident occurred on the highway near Bhera, Sargodha, in which a 10th generation Honda Civic was ripped apart. Fortunately, the driver survived with only minor injuries despite the fact that he was on the verge of death.

    A video and a survivor’s WhatsApp Voice Note showing how the accident took place today in the social media. He had programmed the cruise control of the car at 125 kph, according to his statement.

    The train locked the system for unexplained reasons, leading the car to lose control in high-speed conditions when it pressed on the brake and shut off the cruise control near the Bhera interchange.

    “Approximately ten times before the vehicle hit a tree from centre, the car flipped and divided into half. The rear half was left on the way and the front half I was in ended up along the side of the road, while the roof was transported into the forthcoming lane,” he added.

    The post Horrific Honda Civic crash survivor reported that Cruise control stoped even when brakes were applied appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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      Because it is a high-speed route with minimal and smoothly flowing traffic, drivers typically perceive the motorway as one of the safest and most expedient ways of getting from one city to another. The high-speed element, on the other hand, can result in terrible and tragic accidents.

      One such tragedy occurred earlier this week on the highway near Bhera, Sargodha, in which a 10th generation Honda Civic was ripped apart. Luckily, the driver only suffered minor blows and survived to talk about the terrifying ordeal.

      He said the car flipped and crashed about ten times before hitting a tree in the middle and splitting in half. The back half of the car was left on the road, but the front half, in where he was sitting, wound up on the side of the road, with the roof flying towards oncoming traffic.

      Earlier today, a video and a WhatsApp voice message from the survivor explaining the accident went viral on social media. According to his statement, he set the vehicle’s cruise control to 125 kph. The system froze up for unknown reasons as he pressed down on the brake and deactivated the cruise control near the Bhera junction, causing the vehicle to lose control at a high speed.

      The post ‘Honda Civic Malfunction Nearly Killed Me!’ Says Motorway Accident Survivor appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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        According to the official source, a matriculation student has recently manufactured a car in Khanewal by using an engine of a motorcycle along with the other parts of a vehicle.

        From planning to execution everything was done by this young enthusiast. According to the creator of the car, “I began by making a sketch of how I wanted my car to look like; I made a small prototype based on the model designed. I added automotive parts and kept on working till it becomes functional like a car.”

        The engine of the car can cover an average of about 25 km/hour and this vehicle can be more beneficial for carrying heavy loads instead of been used for traveling purposes only.

        The reports unveiled that the young innovator always wanted to have a car as his friends were capable of affording one; however, due to his family’s financial constraints, having a car was a dream for him. Due to this, he decided to make a car to fulfill his dream.

        The idea of self-manufacturing a car was supported by his father. The boy creatively tested to use the old engine of an old motorcycle; however, this experiment becomes a successful one. The other automotive parts were arranged by his father who made sure to fulfill his son’s dream by being the biggest support to him.

        This little mastermind has been titled as an ‘engineer’ in his village by the people due to his incredible invention. His invention or the demo car is also famous as ‘the baby car’ that looks small but works exactly like a proper vehicle.

        The little inventor and his family are proud of his creation and the young little boy is not even ready to sell his car at any cost, not even for Rs. 1 Million because he has made this vehicle with his all efforts and love and it is his first invention.

        The post Matric Student Transformed an Old Motorcycle into a Car in Khanewal appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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          Toyota states that 15 new electric vehicles are being used for Beyond Zero, of which 7 will use the designation bZ. This concept car was the appropriate choice given the RAV4 was the most popular Toyota car in the United States last year. The bZ4X crossover was the first to arrive.

          In the mid-2022, the bZ4X will come to the following couple of years, including a pickup truck.

          The idea bZ4X is comparable in shape and size to the RAV4 crossover, but lower in sharper style and longer wheelbase. The concept captures from the outside, the ethos of a strong, futuristic EV style, but for the inside, we cannot say the same.

          It is controlled by an awful, voluminous steering colonn with a digital gauge cluster much behind the steering wheel which has a big hub with cluster buttons and driver support.

          The central console, which features the middle rotary shifter and storage underneath, is equipped with a big touchscreen and two USB-C connections.

          The post Toyota shows its Crossover SUV Electric bZ4X appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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            APR is earning 600 percent profit on vehicle transfer documents. Punjab engine registration authority Sources have reports that the Punjab Motor Records Authority (PMRA) of the Punjab Department of Excise and Taxation (ETD) charge motorists an excess of Rs 360 million per year in transfer charges.

            A property transfer act is only available at the PMRA and costs a driver Rs. 300, obligatory for everyone who seeks a change to own the motor vehicle. A speaker at ETD explained that every profit from the sale of transfer acts is kept in a revolving fund and is used on various ETD projects, ultimately benefiting the people. The ETD speaks for itself.

            The spokesman added that the earnings are not deposited with anyone but are audited annually in the State Treasury.

            The post Vehicle transfer paperwork generates a 600 percent profit for the Punjab Motor Registration Authority appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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              In order to issue free of charge travel passes, Pakistan Railways decided to use a digital approach for its personnel and pensioners in a transparent manner.

              Pakistan Railways (PR) has resolved to build a transparent system for granting its staff and pensioners’ free travel passes. The travel passes through a digital system have been decided, sources said.

              Sources stated that the National Database and Registration Authority will give travel passes to the railway workers families (NADRA).

              It was learned that the passes were hand-written and that anyone could use them manually.

              For 60,000 railway personnel, PR purchased NADRA services for making 180,000 passes of travel. NADRA also will prepare the 132,000 retired railway employees’ government passes.

              The post Issuance of free passes to workers and Pensioners by Pakistan Railways to Digitize appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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                In the following months, Pakistan’s Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC) is expected to release the KIA Stonic and Peugeot 2008, aiming to become the country’s sole manufacturer to construct vehicles from two separate brands.

                According to market sources, the KIA Stonic will debut in Pakistan in October, while the Peugeot 2008 will debut in November. The vehicles would be produced locally at the KIA facility in Port Qasim, according to the source.

                Back in February, LMC released the KIA Sorento with three variants: 2.4 litres, 2.4 litres, and 3,5 litres of the front wheel drive. LMC is already operating the KIA Sorento.

                KIA Stonic is a Kia Motors-built subcompact SUV (B-section) crossover. Also created by the PSA Group, afterwards dubbed Stellantis is the SUV subcompact crossover (b-segment).

                A number of firms have declared local assembly in Pakistan in search of subsidies from the country’s former automotive policy which expires in 2021.

                Under the umbrella of auto development policy 16-21 companies such as Hyundai Nishat Motor Private Limited (‘Hyundai Pakistan’) have been founded (ADP).

                The post  Pakistan’s Lucky Motor likely to introduce KIA Stonic and Peugeot 2008 appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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                  Pak Suzuki has launched the Bolan AC variant after announcing the discontinuation of the Bolan and Ravi. The car has been produced by the same company for over 40 years with little to no changes. It is one of the company’s best-selling goods in Pakistan. Suzuki Bolan and Ravi were recently revealed to be discontinued, but the company is now considering a re-launch with an extra feature called “Air conditioner.”

                  Many individuals may be interested in purchasing it because of its affordability or characteristics. Many people may buy it and keep it as a memento of a bygone age. Whatever the case may be, the car is making another appearance on the market.

                  The first Suzuki Carry was introduced in the country in 1979. Pak Suzuki Motors Company has been producing vehicles for more than four decades. Suzuki Bolan sales have been supported by a number of government incentives. Edhi Ambulance Service, the world’s largest ambulance network, uses a lot of Suzuki Bolans.

                  However, this isn’t the first time Suzuki has offered an AC version of the Bolan. It was also released in 2006, however due to weak sales, it was soon cancelled. The car is assembled in PMSC’s Bin Qasim factory. After retiring the Bolan, it was previously predicted that Pak Suzuki will offer its Minivan Every, which has more amenities than the Hi-roof.

                  For the previous four decades, Suzuki has offered the same vehicle. Bolan’s 7th generation model, which we are currently receiving, was discontinued internationally in 1989. Suzuki is now selling the 11th generation Carry all over the world, including in Indonesia. Nobody knows how long Pak Suzuki will keep the 1979 Bolan on the road in Pakistan.

                  The post Suzuki Bolan Is Set To Comeback With AC Variant appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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                    Hyundai Motor Co. is able to perform more than its average EV with its new Ioniq 5. The automobile can power up to 3.6 kilowatts, plenty for refrigerators and stoves.

                    Hyundai says that this is the first major electric car manufacturer to offer two-way charging, which enables the owners to power car battery electrical items.

                    While standard car batteries may be used to charge computers and telephones, they quickly drain to powerful things such as a mobile fridge or music system, which means that serious campers either install a second drummer or haul around heavy, noisy generators to power home comforts.

                    The Ioniq 5 can also be equipped with a solar panel roof to charge the battery pack, giving the car a driving range of over 1300 kilometers per year.

                    The post During load shedding, Hyundai’s next electric car ‘Hyundai loniq 5’ can power your home appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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                      The first consignment of 40 Green Line buses has arrived from China, which is good news for Karachi citizens.

                      According to sources, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail said on Sunday that the Green Line buses will be unveiled today. He stated in a social media statement that the buses would be unveiled around 3:30 p.m., ahead of a cargo vessel delivering a batch of Green Line buses from China docking at the Karachi Port.

                      “In a few minutes, the vessel carrying the first batch of 42 Green Line buses will dock at KPT. Inshallah, the state-of-the-art buses will be unveiled today at 3:30 p.m. The red carpet for bus arrival has been prepared, and I am looking forward to reviving. The wait is finally over. Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI, thank you.”

                      The ceremony will be attended by Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and federal ministers. By the end of October, a second consignment of 40 buses is slated to arrive in Karachi. For the special ceremony, four buses from the batch will be displayed. The buses for Karachi’s Green Line BRT contain four doors, charging ports, and specific features for special people and women.

                      With one day’s delay from the original arrival time, a Chinese vessel carrying a batch of 40 Green Line buses docked at Karachi Port.

                      Asad Umar, the Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, previously stated that the Green Line bus service would begin operations in Karachi in November of this year.

                      The post Karachi’s Green Line Buses Have Arrived From China appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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                        The rumours of KIA Lucky Motors expanding their lineup are laid to rest, as the beautifully wrapped KIA Stonics were spotted being driven on the roads of Karachi for a durability test. Due to the vibrant wrap, we couldn’t make much of the colourways being introduced but the latest gen was sporting athletic and strong compact crossover design with four strip horizontal LED DRL’s on headlights hinting towards an overall elevation in their design language.

                        In terms of strategic value, this addition to KIA’s lineup is not surprising at all, as there has been a global shift towards crossover SUVs, ranging from compact, mid-size to full size. As reported by Automotive News Europe, the demand for SUVs and crossovers have jumped from 29% in 2017 to 37% in 2019 for the total European market.

                        Now that we have established that there is a global shift and a new entry-level SUV is coming to the Pakistani market, what should we expect? The stonic is a B segment SUV, which is overall a new segment in the Pakistani market. What does the B segment categorise? It includes SUVs that include smaller hatchbacks than cars in SUV segment A. Car features in this segment are the highlight and have premium quality interiors. Being the first in the segment in the country, we see a lot of potential for Stonic to grow but to general car enthusiasts, what does the Stonic offer that other Sedans don’t already? B- SUVS typically have a length dimension under 4,400mm (173.2 in), which are mostly based on the chassis of a car, which people prefer globally.

                        In terms of specifications being offered in international markets, KIA Stonic was initially introduced with four engine options i.e. 1000cc turbocharged, 1200cc 4-Cylinder Naturally Aspirated, 1400cc 4-Cylinder Naturally Aspirated, and 1600cc 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine. It also  came out  in four transmission options: 5-Speed Manual, 6-Speed Manual and a 6-Speed automatic. Based on these specifications and the prior success of Sportage in the country, Stonic is bound to give a  tough competition to local sedans and cars from the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), given that it is launched at a competitive price.

                        With or without the wrap, the sport-infused silhouette of the KIA Stonic definitely stands out and by the looks of it, it is safe to assume that the overall size, the sophisticated and sleek design along with the potential engine specs are completely in line with the KIA Stonic campaign of “SUV of the City.” As much as we want to believe that SUVs are only for off-roading, wilderness and desert terrains, we need to understand the market reality and how the demand has evolved.

                        Modern SUVs are made to go on paved roads and mostly do not leave the comfort of the city and that is exactly how we think that KIA has filled the gap with Stonic. Urban landscapes in KLI require compact dimensions that are easy to park and maneuver in during rush hours. Therefore keeping all these aspects in mind, it is easy to conclude that KIA is planning to target a younger generation who follow an on-the-go lifestyle but are also looking to make a statement. As car lovers, we’re super excited. In your opinion, will the Stonic be a hit or a miss?

                        Subcompact crossovers are usually based on the platform of a subcompact (also known as supermini or B-segment) passenger car, although some high-end subcompact crossover models may be based on a compact car (C-segment). They typically have limited off-road capabilities, although some subcompact crossovers offer all-wheel-drive.

                        The post KIA Lucky Motors is two steps ahead with their upcoming launch of Stonic  appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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                          According to our source, the SUV parade is continuing, and a new Chinese automaker, Guangzhou Automobile Group, is poised to join Pakistan. The GS3 SUV and the GS8 SUV are set to debut in Pakistan, according to reports.

                          GAC Motor is one of Asia’s largest automobile companies, with joint ventures with Toyota, Honda, Isuzu, Fiat, Mitsubishi, BYD, and Hino among its partners. It has been able to make and sell foreign-branded products in China thanks to these joint ventures.

                          The company’s current vehicle offerings include electric automobiles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCVs).

                          In the local market, the GS8 is a full-size SUV that competes directly with the Toyota Land Cruiser in terms of dimensions and stature. Despite being a full-size SUV, the GS8 is only available with a single engine option: a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 250 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque and is paired to an 8-speed automated transmission.

                          The source did not provide pricing or release dates for these vehicles, but given how modern and well-equipped they are, their price tags are likely to appeal to a limited segment of premium car consumers.

                          The post Pakistani SUV Market To See New Arrivals By GAC Motor appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.


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                            The Formula Electric Racing NUST (FERN) squad has made an impression at Formula Student Russia 2021, following its recent success in Formula Student UK 2021.

                            Despite fighting against many other teams from around the world, the team came in second place in the event.

                            All individual events, including the Engineering Design event, Business Plan Presentation, Cost event, and EV Category, were won by a team of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) students.

                            Students from NUST created and assembled the formula electric car. The open-wheeled, open cockpit, single-seater Formula racing automobile has inspired the vehicle design.

                            The Electric Vehicle (EV) has a 5 kWh battery with a range of 22 kilometres. It has a top speed of 120 kph and can accelerate from a standstill to 100 kph in just 4.5 seconds.

                            The FERN team finished third in the Engineering Design category of the Formula Student United Kingdom 2021 (FSUK21) competition two months ago. FERN came in 18th place overall in the FSUK21, out of a total of 65 teams from around the world, and was the only team from Pakistan to have a project car based on an all-electric engine.

                            The present podium finish is yet another huge achievement for the FERN team in such a prestigious tournament, and it is a feather in the cap not just for the students and institute participating, but also for the entire country. The competition was held virtually, with the judges viewing the vehicle’s footage.

                            The post NUST Racing Car Team Finished 2nd In Formula Student Russia 2021 appeared first on Startup Pakistan - Startups, Technology and Business News From Pakistan.